Veyond Connect

Veyond Connect is a cutting-edge platform that offers an immersive 5D experience for medical education and training.

Our XR Collaboration Product

Revolutionizing Medical Education and Training

Our Unique Approach to Delivering Solutions

Real-time Communication
Our platform ensures seamless real-time interaction and collaboration, expediting decision-making and problem-solving processes.
AI-driven Translation
Ensuring seamless communication across global medical teams using AI-driven real-time translation.
Hands-On Experience
Experience immersive interactivity with advanced haptic technology, enabling users to feel and engage with digital objects realistically.
Digital Twin
Our platform delivers an accurate representation of the physical environment, complete with objects and their interactions, fostering collaboration within a virtual space that closely mirrors reality.
Scalable Collaboration
Veyond Connect enables wide-ranging collaboration, facilitating real-time interactions with participants from every corner of the world.
5D Telepresence Capabilities
Overcoming distance limitations, our platform allows remote participants to be virtually present, enabling seamless collaboration and interaction, irrespective of physical location.
Successful Prototyping and POC Testing
Tested our prototype successfully in a brain surgery procedure and conducted successful POC testing with KITECH in Korea and RapiDiagnostics S.A. in Latin America.

Why Veyond Connect?

  • Only company offering real-time 3D volumetric streaming technology in healthcare.
  • Our technology enables remote training, surgeries, and collaboration with unlimited participants from anywhere, breaking the distance barrier in healthcare.
  • Significantly enhances access to expertise and increases efficiency in healthcare delivery.
  • Transforms traditional non-immersive 2D solutions with our immersive 3D volumetric technology, enabling a real-time presence that diminishes geographical barriers, offering an unparalleled interactive experience far beyond standard 2D methods.

Who Uses Veyond Connect?

Medical Institutions

Medical device companies can utilize the platform not only to securely monitor the performance of their devices and gather vital usage data but also to provide proactive support and updates to healthcare providers. Beyond these, the platform serves as a nexus for collaboration, uniting device manufacturers with medical professionals for research, development, and forward-thinking innovation projects, all aiming for optimized patient care.

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The platform enables surgeons to securely exchange patient data and collaborate with other surgeons and healthcare professionals. Surgeons can also track patient outcomes, monitor the performance of medical devices during surgical procedures, and contribute to knowledge-sharing within the medical community.

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Medical device companies

Medical device companies can leverage the platform to securely monitor the performance of their devices, gather usage data, and provide timely support and updates to healthcare providers. Furthermore, the platform encourages collaboration with medical professionals on research, development, and innovation projects for enhanced patient care.

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Our Philosophy

Our technology breaks down distance barriers, creating inclusive and equitable learning opportunities.

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