Essential XR Applications

Veyond Connect features two key XR applications designed to enhance surgical procedures and anatomical learning.

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Veyond Surgical XR
Veyond Surgical XR leverages advanced XR technology to provide live, immersive surgical training. This application enables real-time teaching and learning of surgical procedures, offering a highly realistic and engaging experience.


Medical professionals receive real-time guidance and have quick access to necessary information. Additionally, XR collects and analyzes data in real-time during surgery to support decision-making. These features streamline the surgical process, reducing surgery time and improving surgical outcomes.

Real-time Remote Collaboration: The platform enables real-time collaboration between various stakeholders, such as technicians, trainers, and customers, irrespective of geographical boundaries.
AR Overlays for Guidance: With augmented reality overlays, technicians can receive step-by-step guidance during complex maintenance tasks, reducing downtime, and minimizing errors.
Immersive VR Training: Through VR, the platform provides a realistic, risk-free environment for product training, resulting in better retention and understanding of the product's functionality.

Use Cases

Enhancing Surgical Collaboration for Medical Teams:

  • Medical teams utilize XR to observe and support surgeries in real-time.
  • Through XR, real-time guidance is provided during surgeries, ensuring precise execution of each step.
  • After surgery, recorded footage is reviewed for self-assessment and educational purposes, securely stored and shared among team members.

Improving Surgical Skills Through Learning:

  • Medical students engage in virtual participation in surgical procedures using XR apps.
  • They observe the skeletal structure of patients in real-time and gain detailed understanding of surgical procedures.
  • This hands-on experience with XR enhances students' surgical skills through practical learning opportunities.