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Company Overview

At Veyond Metaverse, we are innovating the field of healthcare, with a particular emphasis on surgical training. We understand the barriers currently faced in the medical sector, including geographical limitations, outdated training methods, and accessibility issues. Our advanced communication platform, Veyond Connect™, is designed to address these pain points by reshaping medical education, surgical training, and patient treatment.

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Veyond Metaverse is a digital healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the way medical education, surgical training, and patient treatments are conducted.


Veyond Connect, Veyond Metaverse’s flagship product, is a 3D photorealistic immersive telepresence platform. It leverages Extended Reality (XR) and digital twin technologies to connect medical practitioners from different parts of the world.

Our Achievements

Surgical Training Revolution
Launched the first XR Surgical training center with Veyond Connect™ technology in Latin America, leading the way for global adoption.
Haptic Capability Validation
Achieved an unprecedented level of tactile feedback in digital surgeries in partnership with Teslasuit, Senseglove, and neurosurgeons from London, Ontario.
Dynamic Digital Twin Development
Transitioned from static to dynamic digital twins in partnership with French firms Vygon and Landanger, underlining our commitment to technological evolution.
AI-driven Translation
Successfully implemented AI-driven NLP real-time translation within Veyond Connect™, ensuring seamless communication across global medical teams.
Global Platform Validation
Successfully integrated digital twins into the Veyond Connect XR platform and conducted field testing across various countries.
Successful Prototyping and POC Testing
Tested our prototype successfully in a brain surgery procedure and conducted successful POC testing with KITECH in Korea and Rapid Diagnostics in Latin America.

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September 19, 2023

Veyond Metaverse Successfully Completes Historic Digital Surgery, Connecting Surgeon in France and...


Veyond Metaverse Successfully Completes Historic Digital Surgery, Connecting Surgeon in France and Patient in Myanmar Veyond Metavers...

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August 21, 2023

Veyond Metaverse Harnesses Extended Reality in Ground-Breaking Digital Surgery


Despite healthcare being a human right, adequate surgical services seem to be a luxury to a majority of the world’s population, with the The Lancet...

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August 23, 2023

Veyond Metaverse Named Finalist in 7th International VR Awards

EIN Presswire

Veyond Metaverse has been announced as a finalist for the prestigious "VR Healthcare Solution of the Year."The VR Awards, symbolizing...

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