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Veyond Metaverse: Leading the AI and XR healthcare revolution in 5D digital surgery

December 11, 2023
The Jerusalem Post
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Jafer Kamoonpuri and Dr. Su Myat Maw, Shwe La Min Hospital, Yangon, in a middle of digital surgery

Shattering Boundaries, Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: The Groundbreaking Journey of 5D Digital Surgery


In the operating room of Shwe La Min Hospital in Yangon, a surgeon encountered a complex medical challenge. The solution came from Veyond Metaverse, based in the heart of Silicon Valley's innovative tech landscape. Utilizing Veyond Connect, which combines Extended Reality (XR) – a harmonious blend of augmented and virtual reality – with the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the surgeon collaborated in real-time with a top specialist in Paris. This successful cross-continental collaboration, facilitated by Veyond Metaverse's cutting-edge technology, exemplifies how they are transforming medical practices worldwide. In September 2023, their commitment to pushing the frontiers of innovation was highlighted when they orchestrated a groundbreaking digital surgery, connecting surgeons across different continents, thereby marking a new chapter in the annals of global medical technology.

Veyond Metaverse: The Journey from Vision to Innovation:

The roots of Veyond Metaverse trace back to the Mixed-Reality Immersive Motion Simulation Laboratory (MIMS Lab) at Toronto Metropolitan University. The foundation for innovation in flight simulation, haptic technology, and real-time communication was laid here. Founded in January 2021, the company received seed funding from SDB Investment in January 2022 and began assembling a team of professionals experienced in leading organizations such as Apple and Nvidia.

The Visionaries Behind Veyond Metaverse:

Leading Veyond Metaverse are three experts: Adam Choe, the Co-founder, and CEO, with over 25 years in the healthcare industry; Joon Chung, Ph.D., the Co-founder and CTO, offering 25 years of flight simulation technology expertise; and Pr. Thierry Flam, MD, the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, brings medical and surgical insight.

Innovative Leap with Veyond ConnectTM:

At the core of Veyond Metaverse's success is Veyond ConnectTM, a platform transforming surgical procedures by enabling real-time, multilingual collaboration integrating XR interfaces seamlessly.

Global Healthcare Impact: Veyond Metaverse's 5D Digital Surgery in Action

Veyond Metaverse has achieved a significant milestone in global healthcare with its innovative Veyond ConnectTM platform, transforming the landscape of medical surgeries. For example, the platform enabled a team of surgeons to successfully perform a Suprapubic Bladder Puncture, demonstrating its ability to unite expert surgeons worldwide in a collaborative virtual environment. Such surgeries exemplify the platform's effectiveness in bringing together medical professionals in a shared virtual space, effectively allowing them to operate side by side without traveling.

This breakthrough was most notably demonstrated in a digital surgery orchestrated between Professor Dr. Thierry Flam in Paris and Dr. Su Myat Maw in Yangon. Facilitated by Veyond ConnectTM, this was not merely a consultation but an in-depth surgical collaboration. From his Parisian base, Professor Flam guided the procedure in Yangon, breaking down the barriers of distance and demonstrating the platform's potential to democratize medical expertise globally. This collaboration is a precursor for establishing digital clinics and surgical centers that promise to deliver world-class medical care to underserved regions.

Veyond Metaverse's approach goes beyond traditional 2D or VR-based consultations by 'teleporting' surgeons into a 5D digital environment, enabling real-time interaction with virtual instruments and 3D annotations. This innovative method is redefining surgical precision and training, bridging the physical and professional divide, and paving the way for a new era of global healthcare delivery.

Innovating Surgical Collaboration: Veyond Metaverse's Advanced 5D Digital Surgery:

The latest digital surgery using Veyond ConnectTM has established a new standard in medical collaboration. The proctor, remotely located, and the operating room's surgeon use dynamically synchronized digital twins of surgical instruments, ensuring identical behavior of both virtual and actual instruments in real-time. This level of precision and synchronization enables the proctor to guide and demonstrate surgical techniques effectively as if co-located with the operator. This advancement exemplifies Veyond Metaverse's commitment to leveraging AI and XR technologies to enhance surgery accuracy and efficiency, bridging the physical divide between medical professionals.

5D Digital Surgery: A New Frontier in Medicine:

Veyond Metaverse's development of 5D digital surgery marks not just an advancement, but a transformation in medical practices. This pioneering technology, utilizing the capabilities of Veyond ConnectTM, introduces an innovative blend of 3D, real-time volumetric, and interactive content, enabling a level of surgical precision and interaction previously unattainable. This leap from traditional 2D or VR-based methods to a dynamic 5D environment allows for more nuanced and detailed medical procedures, significantly enhancing both surgeon decision-making and patient outcomes.

Global Impact and Future Aspirations:

As Veyond Metaverse continues its groundbreaking work in 5D digital surgery, it is redefining the global healthcare landscape. The company has made significant strides in overcoming traditional barriers in medical collaboration, particularly those related to distance and language. Through AI-powered Natural Language Processing in Veyond ConnectTM, Veyond Metaverse enables real-time, multilingual communication. This technology makes expert medical advice universally accessible, paving the way for the democratization of advanced medical care.

Furthermore, Veyond Metaverse is well-positioned for the future with its application of big data analytics, supported by robust AI capabilities. As the company continues to gather extensive 5D surgery data, it is poised to drive transformative changes in healthcare. By analyzing this comprehensive data, Veyond Metaverse aims to unlock a multitude of possibilities in medical innovation. Adam Choe, the CEO, is both excited and bullish about the potential impact and benefits of these AI-driven data capabilities.

Expert Endorsements and Testimonials: Validating Veyond Metaverse's Pioneering Technology:

The global medical community has recognized Veyond Metaverse's significant strides in revolutionizing healthcare through technology. Prof. Dr. Thierry Flam, renowned for his expertise in urology and a key figure at Veyond Metaverse, praised the AI NLP system for its ability to bridge the gap between global experts and regional healthcare professionals, effectively overcoming distance and language barriers. 'In a world where healthcare innovation knows no borders, language barriers can still pose formidable challenges,' says Dr. Flam, underscoring the transformative impact of their AI-powered NLP real-time translation system in healthcare collaboration.

Future Plans: Charting the Path Forward in Healthcare Innovation:

In Phase 1, Veyond Metaverse is achieving a significant breakthrough by deploying Veyond Connect, a transformative XR 3D real-time communication platform. This innovation has redefined surgical procedures, addressing geographical challenges in healthcare and aiming to improve global healthcare standards. As the company transitions into Phase 2, the focus shifts to leveraging the extensive data accumulated from XR applications. This next phase represents a strategic move towards integrating AI analytics into healthcare, aiming to transform the vast data into actionable insights to improve surgical precision and patient outcomes. Phase 2 envisions a dynamic era of AI-powered healthcare innovation, revolutionizing medical training with immersive simulations and leveraging big data for actionable insights, thus continuing to redefine the standards of global healthcare delivery.

Boundless Opportunity in Healthcare Technology: Veyond Metaverse's Market Potential:

Veyond Metaverse is emerging as a significant player in the healthcare technology sector, with its innovative XR and AI-driven solutions marking a new era in digital surgery. The company's advancements in 5D digital surgery have garnered recognition from global media outlets such as USA Today, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg, highlighting the substantial impact Veyond Metaverse is making in the field. As healthcare systems worldwide increasingly embrace digital solutions, Veyond Metaverse finds itself at the cusp of a market poised for exponential growth. Industry analysts highlight the burgeoning demand for advanced surgical technologies and the rising trend in healthcare digitization, indicating a promising growth trajectory for companies like Veyond Metaverse. With a robust technological foundation and a forward-thinking approach, Veyond Metaverse is strategically positioned to capitalize on these emerging market opportunities, making it a noteworthy consideration for investors looking at the future of healthcare innovation.


Veyond Metaverse stands as a visionary company reshaping the future of healthcare. Its commitment to integrating XR and AI is setting new benchmarks in surgical care and training. Through Veyond ConnectTM and advancements in 5D digital surgery, Veyond Metaverse ensures that quality healthcare transcends borders and is accessible to all, regardless of location.