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Our achievements and advancements in the XR metaverse

Why Choose Veyond Metaverse?

Imagine a world where every patient, regardless of location, has access to top-tier medical expertise. Veyond Metaverse breaks geographical barriers with revolutionary XR technology, allowing medical professionals to learn and practice life-saving procedures anywhere. Our dynamic digital twin technology and real-time 3D volumetric video streaming ensure high-quality care reaches patients globally.
This is a photo of doctors from Paris, France, and Myanmar collaborating in real-time to perform surgery.
310 million major surgeries
worldwide in 2020.

Core Challenges in Medical Training

Medical education facessignificant challenges: a shortage of cadavers limits hands-on training,outdated technologies lag behind medical advancements, and quality education isconcentrated in urban centers, leaving many regions underserved. Currenttraining methods lack the interactive and tactile feedback essential foreffective learning.

Traditional vs. VR Training for Surgeons

Yale University found that VR-trained surgeons were 29% faster and made six times fewer errors.
87% of medical schools in the US report a shortage of cadavers, impacting the quality of medical education.
5 billion people lack access to safe surgical care in 2021.

Veyond's Transformative 5D XR Solutions

Veyond Metaverse bridges critical training gaps with 5D volumetric streaming, providing real-time cadaver training experiences. Our advanced XR technologies seamlessly integrate with modern medical practices, significantly enhancing precision and patient outcomes. By democratizing education, we make top-tier training accessible globally, creating dynamic and interactive learning environments.

Elevating Healthcare Education

Veyond Metaverse revolutionizes healthcare education. Our XR solutions offer advanced training anytime, anywhere, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows. We significantly enhance training efficacy and medical precision, leveling the educational playing field across global regions." Dr. Raymond Thein: "Veyond Metaverse's XR solutions have revolutionized surgical training programs, transforming the quality and outcomes of patient care.

Dr. Raymond Thein“Veyond Metaverse's XR solutions have revolutionized surgical training programs, transforming the quality and outcomes of patient care.”

Empowering Advanced Medical Training

Experience medical scenarios with unprecedented realism through real-time volumetric streaming and tactile feedback. Veyond’s technology transcends geographical boundaries, making world-class medical education accessible from anywhere. Each session enhances skills, preparing professionals for real-world complexities.

Dr. Su Myat Maw“Thanks to Veyond Metaverse, it feels like Dr. Thierry Flam is right next to me, guiding and collaborating seamlessly, even though he's continents away. This technology is revolutionizing our surgical training and patient care."

Veyond Anatomy XR: Revolutionizing Medical Education

Veyond Anatomy XR revolutionizes medical education with real-time, interactive dissections using actual cadavers. Our 5D volumetric streaming creates an immersive, dynamic learning environment, and digital twins of medical devices enhance realism.

Imperial College of London found that 83% of VR-trained surgical residents successfully performed a new procedure

Veyond Surgical XR: Remote Surgical Collaboration

Veyond Surgical XR facilitates global, real-time surgical collaboration and training. Features include live guidance and proctorship during surgeries, integrating assistance to enhance surgical outcomes and provide unparalleled learning experiences.

Veyond's Interactive Real-Time Advantage

Unlike competitors with static visuals and pre-programmed content, Veyond’s 5D XR technology offers dynamic, real-time engagement. Our live cadaver interaction and customizable learning modules provide true-to-life details, significantly improving training outcomes.

The Veyond Metaverse Difference

Veyond Metaverse stands out with immersive communication, realistic touch sensations through haptic technology, and dynamic digital twins. Our scalable, real-time volumetric streaming enhances visual depth and interactivity, transforming medical training.

Immersive Communication

  • Real-time interaction with medical professionals worldwide.
  • Seamless collaboration regardless of geographical location.

Realistic Touch Sensations

  • Advanced haptic technology providing lifelike tactile feedback.
  • Enhances the realism of surgical training and procedures.

Dynamic Digital Twins

  • Accurate, AI-driven replicas of anatomical structures.
  • Facilitates precise and responsive medical simulations.

Scalable Real-Time Volumetric Streaming

  • Scalable Real-Time Volumetric Streaming.
  • High-quality 3D visual depth and interactivity.

Transformative Medical Training

  • Provides a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.
  • Bridges the gap between traditional and modern medical education methods.

From Silicon Valley to the World

From Silicon Valley to the world, Veyond Metaverse revolutionizes 5D XR in digital healthcare. Our global hubs drive innovative medical training, enhancing outcomes and making advanced healthcare education universally accessible.

Meet Our Visionary Leaders

Meet our visionary leaders: Dr. Cho, Chairman of the Board; Adam Choe, CEO; and Joon Chung, CTO, Thierry Flam, MD, CMO. With extensive backgrounds in medical technology and XR advancements, they drive Veyond Metaverse’s vision and success, transforming healthcare education.

Adam Choe, MBA

Co-Founder & CEO

  • CEO at @ publicly traded Healthcare firms
  • VP of global business at Alere (Now Abbott)
  • 25+year experience in healthcare

Joon Chung, PHD

Co-Founder & CTO

  • 25years aerospace engineering simulation technolodgy
  • A director of MIMS(Mixed-reality Immersive Motion Simulation) lab

Pr. Thierry Flam, MD

Co-Founder & CMO

  • 30+ year experience as a Surgeon Harvard Trained
  • Numerous publication

5D XR Training Suite

Veyond's AI + XR platform elevates medical training to the 5D digital realm. By merging 3D visuals with real-time action and tactile feedback, we provide a fully immersive training experience, preparing medical professionals for real-world challenges.

Our Strategic Partners

Medical education facessignificant challenges: a shortage of cadavers limits hands-on training,outdated technologies lag behind medical advancements, and quality education isconcentrated in urban centers, leaving many regions underserved. Currenttraining methods lack the interactive and tactile feedback essential foreffective learning.
  • Collaborating on advanced research and development.
  • Partnering to enhance advanced biotechnology manufacturing training module.
  • Driving innovation through Sanofi partnership.
  • Exploring 5D XR spine surgical training platform
  • Enhancing realism in XR training with advanced haptics.

Recognized for Excellence

Veyond Metaverse has been recognized with four prestigious awards for our groundbreaking contributions to medical training and XR technology, validating our leadership and innovation in the field.

Pioneering Milestones in AI + XR

Our pioneering milestones: the first XR Operating Room, the first cross-continental digital surgery, and the first 5D digital surgery, showcase Veyond Metaverse’s leadership and transformative impact in XR technology and healthcare.
  • World's First XR Surgery Room
  • Pioneering exclusive 5D digital surgery, establishing global industry standards.
  • Advanced Technological Infrastructure
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art XR technology for a fully immersive surgical experience. Leading the advancement of 5D surgical procedure digitization and data analytics.
  • Leadership in Digital Surgery
  • Advancing 5D digital surgical procedure digitization and pione in data analytics.
  • Global Collaboration and Recognition
  • Strategic Partnership: Collaborating with eminent surgeons and institutions like Cedars Sinai and Yale Medical Center to enhance our global footprint.

Fully Dedicated XR Operating Room in Myanmar

In Myanmar, Veyond Metaverse established the world’s first XR surgery room. Equipped with state-of-the-art XR technology, we partner with eminent surgeons and institutions like Cedars Sinai to set new standards in digital surgery.

First Cross-Continental Digital Surgery

On September 13, 2023, Prof. Dr. Thierry Flam and Dr. Su Myat Maw made history with the first cross-continental digital surgery. Leveraging Veyond Connect™ technology, they demonstrated seamless collaboration and transformative healthcare, setting new global standards.

Veyond’s Scalable SaaS Business Model

Veyond Metaverse’s scalable SaaS business model includes subscription access, pay-per-use options, enterprise solutions, API access, certification programs, and licensing. This diverse revenue stream ensures accessibility and continuous innovation in XR healthcare solutions.

Subscription Access

  • Recurring revenue from individual and institutional subscriptions.

Pay-Per-Use Options

  • Flexible payment model for occasional users.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Seamless collaboration regardless of geographical location.

API Access

  • Integration with existing healthcare systems.

Certification Programs

  • Training and certification for professionals.


  • Rights to use Veyond's technology and content.

Driving the Future of Healthcare Training

Veyond Metaverse is driving the future of XR healthcare training. By transforming medical education with interactive, real-time engagement and precision-based simulations, we expand access to high-quality training, making it universally accessible.

Join Us in Revolutionizing Healthcare

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare with Veyond Metaverse. Together, we can break barriers, enhance training, and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Let’s create a healthier, more connected future.