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Veyond Metaverse Breakthrough: First-Ever 5D Medical Training Platform Secures Prestigious Haptic Award

Powered by Apple Pro Vision, Veyond Metaverse Sets New Global Standards in Medical Education, Effectively Tackling the Critical Cadaver Shortage Worldwide
April 29, 2024

Veyond Metaverse Inc., a global leader in advanced medical training technology, is thrilled to announce its latest achievement at the Asian Metaverse Award held in Tokyo. The prestigious Haptic Award recognizes Veyond Metaverse for its innovative use of haptic technology in medical education, confirming its position as a pioneer in the field.

A New Era in Medical Training

Leveraging Apple Pro Vision, Veyond Metaverse's first-ever 5D medical training platform offers unmatched realism and interactivity. This technology simulates and significantly enhances the learning experience, allowing medical students and professionals to engage in practical, hands-on training with lifelike accuracy. This revolutionary approach addresses the critical global shortage of cadavers and democratizes access to high-quality medical education worldwide.

Technology Transforming Education

"Our award-winning 5D platform, integrated with Apple Pro Vision, allows users to experience the most detailed and realistic medical training scenarios available today," said Adam Choe, CEO of Veyond Metaverse. "This accolade from the Asian America Award is a testament to our leadership in harnessing haptic technology to revolutionize medical education."Dr. Joon Chung, CTO and Co-Founder of Veyond Metaverse, adds: "We are honored to lead the way in applying haptic feedback in educational technologies. Our commitment to innovation continues to set new educational standards and advance the global medical training landscape."

Setting New Educational Standards

The use of advanced haptic feedback mechanisms ensures that learners acquire essential tactile knowledge, which is critical to modern medical education. The integration of real-time volumetric streaming with Apple Pro Vision technology overcomes geographical and logistical barriers, making advanced medical training accessible to learners worldwide.

About Veyond Metaverse

Veyond Metaverse specializes in developing cutting-edge XR solutions for the healthcare industry. By integrating innovative technologies such as AI and Apple Pro Vision, Veyond sets new standards in educational excellence and accessibility, transforming how medical professionals are trained and learn.