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NextGen 5D Digital Spine Surgery Training Development: Veyond Metaverse and Dr. Choi Gun to Collaborate

January 22, 2024
MOU Ceremony

a leader in 5D digital surgery and Extended Reality (XR) technology, is proud to announce a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dr. Choi Gun of AllThatSpine. This collaboration marks a significant step in advancing spine surgery training, bringing together cutting-edge technology and extensive surgical expertise.

Veyond Metaverse and Dr. Choi Gun, focused on enhancing spine surgical education, plan to introduce innovative training methods through the Veyond Connect Platform. These methods include highly realistic simulations and global telecollaboration, providing surgeons with a risk-free environment for honing their skills. This advanced approach to training is poised to broaden access to high-quality surgical education, enabling surgeons worldwide to practice and collaborate complex procedures with unprecedented detail and realism.

Dr. Joon Chung, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Veyond Metaverse, comments on the collaboration's potential: "Integrating XR and 5D Digital Surgery within the Veyond Connect Platform marks a significant advancement in medical education. It enables a level of training realism and global collaboration that was previously unattainable."

Dr. Choi Gun, renowned for over 8000 spine surgeries, adds: "This partnership is about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in surgical training. Our joint efforts aim to empower surgeons with the tools and knowledge necessary for the next generation of spine surgery."

While the immediate focus is on transforming training and education and building upon these advancements, the long-term vision of this collaboration includes harnessing 5D Digital Surgery data to enable AI analytics. This development is expected to enhance surgical precision and patient outcomes further, offering a promising horizon. As these advanced training methods become more integrated into surgical practice, they hold the potential to contribute to improved surgical outcomes.

About Veyond MetaverseVeyond Metaverse specializes in XR 5D immersive communication systems, leading in digital surgery, telemedicine, and medical education solutions. Its flagship product, Veyond Connect™, sets new benchmarks in digital healthcare innovation.

About AllThatSpineAllThatSpine, led by the renowned Dr. Choi Gun, is a premier medical company specializing in advanced digital spine surgery. With a focus on minimally invasive techniques, AllThatSpine has been at the forefront of spinal healthcare, offering cutting-edge treatments and dedicated research in the field. Dr. Choi Gun's extensive experience, marked by over 8000 successful spine surgeries, underscores the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in patient care. AllThatSpine continues to set new standards in spine surgery, contributing significantly to the evolution of spinal treatment and rehabilitation.