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AI-Powered XR Healthcare: Veyond Metaverse Successfully Tests Meta Quest 3 on XR 5D Digital Surgery Platform

December 22, 2023
The Associated Press
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Pioneering the Future of Medical Technology with Advanced AI XR Healthcare Solutions

Founded in January, 2021, Veyond Metaverse has been at the forefront of AI XR (Extended Reality) healthcare, revolutionizing the field of healthcare by introducing 5D Digital Surgery. Today, we are excited to announce a significant milestone: the successful testing and validation of integrating Meta Quest 3 into our XR 5D Digital Surgery platform. This achievement signifies a major leap in making cutting-edge surgical technologies more accessible and cost-effective, thereby expanding the reach of top-tier digital surgery solutions.

What is XR 5D Digital Surgery?

Extended Reality (XR) refers to all real-and-virtual combined environments, and the term “5D” in our context symbolizes the five-dimensional digital interaction in surgery, offering a depth of perception, real-time, interactive content which gives the overall context that goes beyond traditional methods. Our platform, powered by AI, facilitates highly immersive and precise surgical procedures, setting new benchmarks in medical technology.

Meta Quest 3: A Game-Changer in Digital Surgery and Successful Proctor-Led Testing

The Meta Quest 3, with its high-resolution display and advanced color passthrough cameras, is transforming our XR digital surgery applications. Dr. Thierry Flam’s recent successful proctor-led test of the Meta Quest 3 has further solidified its practicality in a surgical setting. The test highlighted several advantages, including the ease of switching between immersive and camera modes, high-quality image rendering, and a detailed and lifelike view of the surgical field.

Prof. Dr. Thierry Flam, a renowned surgeon in Paris, commented on the test, stating, “The test highlighted the practicality and effectiveness of the headset in a surgical setting. Notably, the seamless switching between immersive and camera modes, along with the improved audio clarity without earplugs, significantly enhances the surgical experience. As we advance to more comprehensive testing, I am optimistic about the substantial impact this technology can have in revolutionizing digital surgery practices.”

Dr. Flam’s insights on the AI-powered real-time translation features underscore the headset’s potential to significantly enhance surgical collaboration and training. This successful integration and testing mark a pivotal step in elevating the standards of digital healthcare, demonstrating the transformative power of Meta Quest 3 in the realm of XR 5D Digital Surgery.

Global Healthcare Democratization: Bridging Gaps

Our achievements, notably the world’s first successful XR digital surgery over a distance of 8,500 kilometers, exemplify our commitment to democratizing healthcare. We’ve also established XR Digital Surgery training centers in partnership with RapiDiagnostics S.A., aimed at overcoming physical and linguistic barriers in healthcare. These centers are envisioned to be the epicenters of advanced surgical training and telemedicine, reflecting our dedication to improving global healthcare access and quality.

Upcoming Evaluations and Expansion Initiatives

Following the successful proctor-led test, the Meta Quest 3 is now poised for rigorous operator-led testing and comprehensive assessments. These evaluations will focus on its see-through capability, a critical aspect in meeting the stringent demands of digital surgery. Upon successful completion of these tests and validation, the Meta Quest 3 will be deployed in a live XR 5D Digital Surgery scenario at the exclusive XR Operating Room Center at Shwe La Min Hospital. This step marks a significant advancement in our journey towards revolutionizing digital surgery with cutting-edge technology.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Accessibility

Our collaborative efforts in developing and integrating advanced XR and AI technologies, including Meta Quest 3, underscore our unwavering commitment to innovation and accessibility in digital healthcare. These endeavors are integral to our broader mission of transforming global healthcare delivery.

Stay Informed About Our Progress

We will continue to share updates on our groundbreaking work in redefining AI XR healthcare technology using Meta Quest 3. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements as we continue to innovate and redefine the boundaries of XR 5D digital surgery.